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The Ercolina CE40MR is an extraordinary machine, available with two or three driving rollers, equipped with a SET of universal rollers.


Ercolina’s CE40MR angle roll models are available either with manual or hydraulic center roll positioning.


CE40MR3 – Manual 3 drive rollers – three-phase

CE40MR3V2 – Manual 3 drive rolls / 2 speeds – three-phase

CE40MR2 Manual 2 drive rolls – three-phase

CE40MR2V – Manual 2 drive rolls / 2 speeds – three-phase 


  • Universal tool set included with each machine
  • Nickel-chromium steel shafts forged, treated and ground for maximum performance with minimal bending
  • Heavy and robust machine body with very rigid parts for bending even profiles with high sections
  • Reinforced main frame
  • Digital display of the position of the central roller
  • Threaded shafts equipped with micrometric adjustment ring nut for the correct and easy positioning of the tools; the use of additional spacers is not normally required
  • Direct shaft guiding system
  • Upon request, the lateral anti-twist/anti-twist rail system for “leg in” angle profiles is available
  • 2-speed model available


Diametro alberi – Roll Shaft Diameter

40 mm

Diam. standard rulli lavoro – Standard Roll Diameter

165 mm

Corsa max rullo di spinta – Max Center Roll Stroke

124 mm

Velocità alberi – Roll Shaft Speed

10 rpm / 10-20 rpm (mod. V2 60Hz)

N. rulli trascinatori indipendenti – Indipendent Drive Rolls

3 lisci e 2 zigrinati / 3 smooth and 2 knurled

Voltaggio – Voltage

220/240 – 380/440 V

Motori – Motors

1,85 kW

Corpo macchina – Machine  Mainframe

Ghisa / Cast Iron GS500

Spinta pistone – Piston Force

Piano lavoro macchina – Machine Operating Position

Orizzontale e Verticale / Horizontal and Vertical

Regolazione rullo superiore – Setting of the upper roll 

Manuale con riduttore / Manual with gearbox


Digitale / Digital

Mobile base – Machine Body Costruction

Acciaio Elettrosaldato – Welded Steel

Controllo elettr. a pedale – Electric foot Pedal control

Si / Yes
Dimensioni – Dimensions
560x1430x980  mm 
Peso – Weight

300 Kg (280 Kg mod. MR2)



Service keys, supplied with machines for tooling setup


Request the Manual or Technical Assistance

Request the user and maintenance manual, the exploded view of the machine, the control manual or technical assistance on the machine


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