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Another news in 2020 for the Ercolina world: we are pleased to introduce you the TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender machine!

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We have the pleasure to introduce to you the new Ercolina CNC machine, the new

TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender machine

The TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender of the Ercolina brand is an extraordinary machine of its kind, because through the TCPlus control, it allows the user to store unlimited programs of 30 bends each.

TB80-A CNC + TB80PL2 (6 mt)

Born in July 2020, Ercolina’s TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender Machine is an extraordinary machine, with the absolute power of the TB80 (built in 2018) but with the great ability to bend very large tubes in narrow radii of the TB80-A NC. 

Differently from the TB80-A NC, the CNC Mandrel Bender is equipped with a numerical control that makes the machine fully automatic.

A great success for the Ercolina Bender line!

But let’s see in detail the advantages of this machine:

Machine extension

As for all Mandrel Bender machines, it is possible to extend the length of the mandrel table in modular units of 2m each. The picture below, for example, shows the standard mandrel table of 4m and an addition of 2m, for a total length of 6m!

TCPlus Control

As already explained, the TB80-A CNC is a fully automatic machine. A nice step forward from the previous version, not fully automatic. The real difference is in fact in the control: also the TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender is equipped with TCPlus control, a sensational control already in use on our Topbender line. With the TCPlus control it will be possible to program every detail of the curvature you want to realize: once programmed, just push “start” and the machine will do the rest.

Controlled axes increased

The TB80-A NC has a single controlled axis: the TB80-A CNC, instead, has 3 controlled axes, thanks to its electric motors, which will allow better control and greater precision in the execution of the bending. 
As we can see in the image below, the TB80-A NC has the electric motor for the C axis only, i.e. the bending angle: the TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender of the Ercolina brand, instead, has two other electric motors for the Y axis (linear movement of the carriage) and for the B axis (carriage rotation).

In the end, the TB80-A CNC Mandrel Bender machine of the Ercolina brand is sensational: fast and precise, it allows you to make incredible bends! Moreover, thanks to the TCPlus control, it allows the user to memorize unlimited programs!

Watch the video at this LINK!

The CNC version and the NC version of the TB80-A are already available! 

Call your Ercolina Sales Manager now for more information! 

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