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The new EB33

Today we introduce you to the new EB33, a great novelty by Ercolina.

The EB33, as it is easy to deduce from the name, is part of the ERCO BENDER family of Ercolina, the mandrel bender line for excellence, which boasts the best technology and the best skills in the Ercolina world. 

The new EB33 with 10 controlled axes: 

  • X4 / X3 : Transversal movement of the mandrel and carriage
  • Z2 / Z1: Vertical movement of mandrel and carriage
  • B: Carriage rotation
  • Y1: Linear movement of the carriage
  • X2 / X1: Transversal movement of the pressure die
  • C: Bending axis
  • Y2: Linear movement of the booster

Main features of the new Ercolina EB33 are:

  • the robust and rigid carbon steel structure, typical of the Erco Bender line;
  • the extended bending head, which allows to bend also complex shapes;
  • a simple and intuitive programming, thanks also to the new touch screen display;
  • the feasibility analysis with the real simulation of the machine cycle. 

The new Ercolina EB33 is an electro-pneumatic CNC machine with 10 electric controlled axes and 2 pneumatic controlled axes; it is multi stack and has a maximum capacity of ø 3/4” x 2.6 mm (stainless steel) and a variable bending radius.

The new Ercolina EB33 is part of the new line of machines with 4.0 technology: it has in fact the possibility to be connected to the network with all the given advantages, including the possibility of remote technical assistance by our qualified personnel.  

Discover the complete technical data sheet of the New Ercolina EB33.

The new Ercolina EB33 is currently in testing phase and is brilliantly passing all the tests that Ercolina makes on its prototypes.

The New EB33 will be available for sale from July 2020.

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