2020 News for Ercolina

The new EFB220
flanging machine

2020 was the year of innovation and news for Ercolina: new machines, new field of applications, new tools and new special projects.

The Covid-19 didn’t stop us, the Ercolina Team studied and designed new solutions to meet customers’ needs and requests.

“For Ercolina the customer has always maximum priority, we develop and realize customized solutions, special tools created specifically for the needs of our customers”.

Today we talk about the review of the projects: Ercolina has revisited some of her machines of the product range, improving and upgrading them.

To meet the requirements of a Swedish customer, for example, the EFB220 Flanging Machine has been redesigned and improved: an already exceptional machine that needed an upgrade to be perfect. 

The New EFB220 Flanging Machine is an exceptional machine of its kind, as it allows the joining of two tubes, even large ones, without the need of welding. A flange is made at the end of the pipe, which allows the joining in a practical and fast way. 

Already in 2019 improvements had been made to the Ercolina EFB220: it had been raised by 30 cm to give a better user experience, a LED light had been inserted to optimize the view of the workspace, a fan had been added to cool the oil as well as additional compartments to store the tools. 

But in 2020 Ercolina wanted to move a step ahead!

In fact, from today the New EFB220 Flanging Machine will be available in two models: EFB220 (standard) Manual and Semi Automatic and EFB220-AUT (manual, semi automatic and full automatic). 

But let’s go to see both versions in detail: 

The new “standard” version

As already mentioned, the EFB220 also becomes semi-automatic. A big step forward from the previous version, that was only manual. The real change in fact is in the control: also the new EFB220 flanging machine finally mounts the TCPlus control, a sensational control already in use on our Topbender line. With the TCPlus control you can program every detail of the flange you want to realize: once programmed, just push “start” and the machine will do the rest.

A mechanical stop has been added

The mechanical stop (previously optional) has been added as standard feature of the machine: from today the New EFB220 Flanging Machine will also have this mechanical stop with micrometric adjustment, which will allow to insert correctly the tube and obtain all flanges equal and replicated infinitely, without the need to use a third punch. 
The adjustment of the mechanical stop is done with a hand wheel: by means of a rotation, you can set the desired tube working length. 

Automatic lubrication has been added

In the standard version of the EFB220, a new tray with a pump inside has been added: oil will be put in this tray, which will allow the tools to be lubricated fully automatically. Everything will be much easier, with a considerable reduction in waste of materials, resources and time.

The “Open Short” opening has been added

Also in the “Standard” version, limit switches have been positioned on the opening of the clamps and, once the TCPlus Control has been programmed, with the Open Short function the clamps will open only the necessary to insert the tube: this means a much shorter time for the opening and closing of the clamps, and therefore much less seconds to make a single piece.

In conclusion, the new “Standard” version of the EFB220 is sensational: you will be able to use it in manual or semi-automatic mode, you will be able to program the flange to realize, you will insert the tube to the desired measure with the mechanical stop and you will push a button to start the machine that will stop after a few seconds, when the piece is finished. 

The new EFB220 AUTOMATIC is practically the best you could obtain from our flanging machine: you can program the work cycle, equip the machine with a robot for loading and unloading the tube, while you can take care of other things. 

A protective laser has been added

The laser scanner, placed on the front of the machine, will delimit and manage the working area.

The Control unit has been moved

For the EFB220 AUTOMATIC version, the control unit will be at least 2 m away from the machine: designed to add a safety grid and robot protections, the operator control will be at least 2 m away from the machine. 

The standard version and the automatic version of the new EFB220 are already available!
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