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The New Snake mandrel

Another great project for Ercolina in 2020, a novelty that promises to revolutionize the whole world of the mandrel bending sector.

The mandrels are tooling used as internal support for tube bending, they are mounted only on mandrel bending machines and have a very important purpose, to mitigate defects such as the flattening of the external wall and the wrinkling of the internal wall of the tube.

The choice of the type of mandrel to use is essential to produce perfect bends.

Everything depends above all on the external diameter of the tube (OD), on the wall thickness (WT) and on the centerline bending radius (CLR).

The proper installation of the mandrel is another important factor for a perfect bend.

The links

The links are located inside the mandrel. They have an essential role on ball mandrels, they connect the spheres together and to the base of the mandrel itself.

It is very important to have the right links, they must be easy to assemble and above all resistant.

Till now, the connection links of the mandrels, besides being complicated to install, did not have an effective performance over time. They were made off two half-bodies with an internal thread that had to match perfectly, it was necessary to block and insert them one inside the other, with the support of a press. Everything was very complicated.

The real revolution of this Ercolina patent is in the links

The new Ercolina mandrel connection links are made in a single forged piece, without joints and welds, a single piece of treated and extremely resistant steel.

With the stackable ball device, easy to assemble without the needing to use special tooling or mechanical presses, a single person with just a screwdriver can mount Ercolina‘s New Snake Mandrel.

From the first stress tests faced by Ercolina, we can say that Ercolina‘s New Snake Mandrel has a resistance and durability greater than 250% compared to the old conventional mandrels.

Here is a video that shows you how to assemble and disassemble Ercolina’s new SNAKE mandrel!

The new SNAKE is successfully passing all the stress tests that Ercolina carries out on its prototypes and will be available soon!

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